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Drish relies on skilled, enthusiastic people who understand and are excited by advanced technology. That’s why everyone at Drish is encouraged to assimilate technology as it evolves around the world. In addition, Drish has fine tuned a method for staying a step or two ahead of the customer’s current needs so that its services can support constant innovations.Drish understands that nothing is possible without a caring environment that instills within its team the desire to learn and excel.Drish Infotech is always on the look out for top professionals who can make a real difference for our customers and us. If you think like wise, do drop us a line.


  • Ask any employee and you’ll know that the Drish work culture is friendly, open and motivating. For starters, hierarchies matter little, while creativity and ideas get our attention. Easy accessibility to everybody in the organization is not just a claim, but a real practice.
  • We also pride ourselves as a socially responsible company with concern for the world around us. We see some of the issues in our society and environment as our problem. And we try and help to the best of our ability.
  • Finally, we understand the importance of striking the right balance between home and office. Our socio-cultural activities and flexible working hours vouch for it.

For more information, contact us at – contacts@drishinfo.com