Handheld Application

A Handheld device is a portable computer that is small enough to be held in one’s hand. Due to its compact physical architecture, handheld computers have limited resources i.e. small memory size and processing power. These computers are specifically designed to provide PIM (personal information manager) functions, such as a calendar, appointments and address book. Other than this, it is powerful enough to support network printing, sending emails, faxes, recording wave files and other multimedia applications.

Drish Infotech has extensive experience in many facets of development for PDAs. We can create drivers, utilities and applications on all of the popular operating systems for PDAs including PalmOS, Windows CE, and proprietary operating systems.


  • Printer driver for handheld PC on Win CE.(Hitachi & Strong Arm processor)
  • USB Printer class driver for Win CE 2.11 & 3.0
  • User applications along with conduit support on Palm OS
  • User applications on Win CE using Embedded VC++ and Embedded VB.
  • POS solution for handheld VisionTek 92 POS device.