• Client: ITC Labs
  • Country: India
  • Info: This Project is for the Development of Integrated Software for ITC Labs. ITC Labs conducts LAB tests for Drugs, Water, Soft Drinks etc. comprising Order Processing, Web Based order receipt and Test Reports, Raw Material Inventory, Tests Costing and Debtors Accounting Modules.

    Web Module

    • Client/User Management (All/Major customer to be provided a login A/c)
    • Admin Management
    • Request for Test by Customer
    • Upload of result and certificate
    • Signed Certificate with Signature as image
    • User with proper credentials can see the result/Download Certificate
    • Uploading of Status for Customer of any Test online or offline sent.


    • Barcoding of Samples for testing

    Inventory Module

    • Item Categories ( 4 Levels)
    • Item Master
    • MSL
    • No Auto Indenting
    • Indents
    • Auto Draft PO From Indents
    • Draft Purchase orders
    • Purchase orders from Draft PO
    • Multiple POs from a Draft PO
    • Short Closing a PO
    • Material Receipt PO Based / Direct
    • Manual Entry of other Costs to arrive Landing Cost
    • Material Rejection
    • Material Requisition slip
    • Issue of Material to shop-floor with Details FIFO based cost based on Requisition slip
    • Wt. Avg. Rate
    • Multiple Issues Against a Single Req. Slip
    • Short Close Req. Slip

    Customer Folloup Module

    • Customer Calls & Followup with next followup Due Date

    Costing Module

    • Material Inputs (Issue of material from Shop-Floor to Job (FIFO Based)
    • Machine and Equipment Details
    • Process Cost (Fixed Figure Time Based)
    • Sample Preparation Cost
    • Cost of Test
    • BOM
    • Cost Derivation from BOM
    • How much yield equipment had given

    Lab Testing and Inspection Order Management

    • Master Tests with parameters
    • Receipt of Sample
    • Assigning Tests to sample and selecting tests to be performed
    • Analysis Sheet Generation
    • Feeding Test results

    Debtor/Customer Accounting

    • Client wise Test Rates
    • Raising Invoices
    • Receipt of Payment with Bank Details
    • Pending Payments
    • Credit Limits