Visible Classroom

Technical Specifications:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1,
  • ASP.NET Web API 2.0/C#.NET, MSTest,
  • Ionic Framework, AngularJS,
  • Apache Cordova,
  • D3.js charts,
  • Oracle 11g RAC,
  • PetaPoco,
  • Checkbox Survey

Team Foundation Server (MS Visual Studio)

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Visible Classroom draws on the principles of Visible Learning established by Professor John Hattie. In Visible Learning, Hattie notes that teaching and learning is too often hidden, characterised by high levels of teacher talk, but little reflection on the impact of teaching on students. The focus of the Visible Classroom program is the notion of embedded evaluation within the technology, in order to encourage teachers to critically assess what they have done and what their students have learned.

Visible Classroom lets you record your classroom lessons directly from your phone then upload your lessons to see your teaching patterns. You receive a full transcript of your lesson and important metrics about your teaching. Did you allow enough time for your students to participate in their own learning? Did you speak too quickly? How many questions did you ask? Track your progress over time and see your impact.

Live captions streamed to tablets giving students a second chance at classroom content. Teachers receive personalised, in-depth feedback on their teaching practice from the University of Melbourne. Dashboard provides a self-reflection tool enabling teachers to review the key features of their lessons.