IT Infrastructure Support:

Drish provides IT infrastructure support services. These include the following:

1. Server Management: Provide the remote management server support to for Dedicated as well as Cloud based Servers. This includes the deployment of new servers, Server up-gradation, Operating system and security update patches. Server monitoring and Health check, load balancing.
2. Web Server: Manage Windows and Linux based web servers. Deployment of websites and web based applications.
3. Database Server: Manage MS SQL and MySQL based database servers. The services include Database up-gradation and Migration.
4. Cloud: Experience on different cloud based environments: for example: AWS, Rackspace etc.

Some common task performed on daily basis:

1) Regularly monitoring and capturing system log files.
2) Regularly monitoring and capturing data of server CPU, memory usage.
3) Regularly monitoring File systems space.
4) Regularly monitoring and capturing Network usage.
6) Users Management and Support.
7) Taking backup of important file systems.
8) Maintaining documentation for system parameters and disk layout.
9) Updating with new versions and technologies
10) Educating and training users.

Client Base : USA/Canada/Australia